David Rooks

Will protect and enhance our Island's community assets


My name is David Rooks; I'm an independent candidate in the 2020 Council Elections for the Island Ward. My goal is to protect and enhance the community assets of Phillip Island: 

  • its natural attractions
  • environment
  • industries
  • and people

The Environment

                               Ventnor Sunrise

Of particular interest to me is the environment and I value and support the overarching direction and first guiding principle of Council's Visitor Economy Strategy 2035, viz.: "to preserve and enhance Phillip Island and San Remo's natural environment through sustainable development and management practices".

To this end I will:

  • Maintain our town boundaries from further residential development
  • Help drive the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan
  • Push for a network of pedestrian and cycling paths across the Island
  • Continue the support established by previous Council for the following community assets: aquatic centre, regional skate park, waste facility, sports recreational hub and our cultural centre.
  • Oppose AGL plans for a floating gas terminal in Western Port Bay.
  • Reinvigorate our business industry association
  • Support the current Council's position on the protection and preservation of the Grantville forest corridor and conservation areas.

Work History

In the past 10 years I've worked in Event Management, owning my own event company before beginning work with Event Operations Group - a local company. As a small business owner, I understand the challenges of being in business and will take that knowledge with me to the position of Councillor. Previous to this, I have held roles in Tourism, in Human Resources and Primary School Teaching. These work roles are complimented with higher education studies with a degree or post graduate degree in each sector. 

Community Connection

I have a strong connection with the community of Phillip Island. During my childhood I spent many holidays here at my parent's house in Ventnor. Since 2000 I've lived on the Island, most years in Cowes and now on a rural property in Ventnor. While my daughters were growing up I became involved in their community with three years as President of Phillip Island Kindergarten, one year on School Council and another three as President of Scouts. Currently I'm serving as President of Phillip Island Tennis Club (one year) and President of Phillip Island Landcare (four years). I love playing tennis and caring for the land is a passion of mine. I value the importance of community groups and look forward to working with them to achieve their goals.

Landcare planting day held in 2019 at Dever's property.

Communication and Leadership

I've developed the necessary skills and experiences to be a successful Island Councillor through my broad work history, and commitment and service to the community in leadership roles. As candidate for the Island Ward, I look forward to the opportunity to extend my work and community involvement to a strategic level for the betterment of the Island for both permanent and part-time residents, and for the environment.

My communication style is calm and consultative. I build relationships with individuals and groups, as together more can be achieved. I have a positive outlook on life and recognise the good work achieved by our current Council. It will be my job as Councillor to continue improving the lifestyle for all residents and visitors to our Island, and be a voice for all. 

The Island Ward does not include all voters who live on Phillip Island.  Townships within the Island Ward are: Ventnor, Cowes, Silverleaves, Wimbledon Heights, Sunset Strip, Smiths Beach, and Rhyll.

And Finally...

I seek your vote at the Council Elections October 2020.

Feel free to contact me at:

Email: david@eventsupport.com.au

Facebook: David Rooks

Website: https://david-rooks.webnode.com/


David Rooks

I acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Bunurong / Boonwurrung people and pay respects to their elders past, present and emerging and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in our community today.

Authorised by David Rooks, 457 Ventnor Rd, Ventnor
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